Sacred Triangles I


Where triangles meet

When the triangles appear, be aware, transformation will happen soon after.

The Story

Never underestimate the power of triangles.

Starting to draw a new piece I struggled a lot. This appears to become a normal pattern. Fighting between what i ‘want’ and what ‘will’ appear on the canvas. Curly, curly, curly lines all ended up in frustration.

But soon after I suddenly found myself in this basic shape of the circle. Inspired by some other paintings I was triggered to draw a basic sacred geometry triangle. Cause, well, you know, they never let you down.

Once I draw the basic shape I soon saw the darker shading appear in front of me and from that moment on I was ‘creating’ in a free flow. Overall a rather simple form, but with some more deeper details in it. Plus a lot of trial and error on the shading.

The centre of the pyramide contains the subtle, but powerful, symbol of Transformation, beter known as the Lotus flower. I placed the flower there, cause I do believe that true transformation only comes from within and when it moves effortless into Being.

Some Details
Sacred Triangles I
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