Walking the Rope


Walking the Rope

When your Journey passes the dark eras of Life

The Story

A drawing with a lot of symbols in it. A drawing that could tell a story. A more intimate story, as it shows more of my inner-world.
The dark, cloudy and mystical vibe of the whole painting, the large moon, the huge wall behind the moon, the rope high above, the ease of pace, the happy buddy behing the main character.
This is a place i feel comfortable in. The darkness, the big unknown, hiding away from the big ‘Outer world’, probably somewhere behind that back wall. It is a place I walk with ease since I am all by myself, so it is easy to walk the thin line without distraction. The happy cat walking behind doesnt seem to mind where ever it walks, it is just happy in the Moment. It also represents the desire for connection with others.
The large moon might be the Inner Self. Always shining, cause it is through this light the characters are actually visible. The inner Self always there, no matter where you are.
And although I can be here with easy and feel so comfortable, I also know this is not the end of the journey. The rope will and must lead to some place where true light will shine again.
As in every journey the darkness must be passed to walk into the next phase again.

Just Trust the Process.

Some Details
Walking with a companion through Life
The mountains seem so little compaired to the back wall.
Walking the Rope
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