The Eye of Wisdom


The Eye of Wisdom

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of time to see clearly amidst confusion.

The Story

Sometimes in the land of confusion, it is best to stop and sit. Sit and be with the discomfort of not knowing. It is just the mind that is rambling on about ‘finding the solution’.


This piece came about after (again) a long struggle with a mind that ‘wanted’ something to draw and the natural flow of what ‘will be’ drawn onto the canvas.

A lot of trial and errors of going into a certain direction and it was all a hit and miss. Till I went back to the basic shapes again. A cirle. And another cirle within.

Soon I was back on track to start to actually create from ‘within’ instead of what i wanted.

Suddenly the image of the Eye appeared and it felt right. In the midst of the eye there is the interpretation of creation and power. Two natural forces that are at the root of every being coming into existence. The Eye clearly knows what needs to be done. No need to interfere with it.

Since the shape itself is powerful enough, no need to add more to it. But the magic to a happy life is of course: Keep it simple and just accessorize it 🙂 So extra details are added onto the shape. To keep the overall vibe easy but created more depth with it.


Some Details
Eye of Wisdom
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