Seven for a Secret


7 for a Secret

Believe when you See it

The Story

A second drawing with a lot of mysticism in it. Again a drawing that could tell a story. A more intimate story, as it shows more of my inner-world.
An idea, a dream, a feeling, a believe, a hope, so strong it just sucks you in. Or you just WANT to escape into it, cause it takes you somewhere, any other then here.
“Please let this be reality”, one can hope, while taking the jump.
It takes you to another place. Maybe just to take you away from where you are now, or maybe to a new level or beginning of living again. A gate has opened in your Life. The gate of Counsiousness on a certain matter of importance to you.
Lets just drift away into it. Be uplifted into it. Float away with it.
Follow your awakenings

Just Trust the Process.


About the number of magpies seen:

“One for sorrow, Two for joy,

Three for girl, Four for boy,

Five for silver, Six for gold,

Seven for a secret,

never ever to be tolled”

Some Details
The mysterious gracious Light of Life
Look up and see. Let it guide you where ever it goes.
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