The Angel of Transformation


The Angel of Transformation

After a long journey

through multiple layers of consiousness they arive.

Also for you.

The Story

This is a personal helper of mine. It is the Angel of Transformation. After a long journey it arrived.

Yes and No. I believe in Angels. It is a very undefined area to venture into. Do they exist? Yes or No? This I can not answer for you.

The world around us is created by our own consciousness, so how can I say something exists for you or any other person then my self?

The Angel of Transformation came to me to guide me into my process of transformation. A friendly force of Energy that allows me to learn a new habit. To ’trust’ the process and not interfere with it from a ‘logical’ point of view. Just trust, sit, be and allow the world to unfold as it is meant to be, for me. 

The shape of this Angel grew into existence over a periode of time and sketches. The final shape and form as seen here came into Being in one final session, only focused on this.

Now this Angel appears on my morning cup of coffee.

Angle on cupAnd with every sip it helps me in my process. A lovely hand that guides and helps me to uncover the depth of the unconsciousness. 

And if you want to have this great looking Angel on your cup, let me know. I might put them up for sale.

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