Sacred Triangle II


Sacred Triangle II

Cast a different shadow to the same situation

The Story

After you see the essential shape casting a different light to it can change the same situation to a whole new view. Therefor I created this sketch from the same starting point as the previous one.

When you see the shape or lines here at the left, the eye will start to process this into a shape that we can ‘understand’, or we ’think’ how it is shaped. But with shapes like these it is possible to see multiple shapes, due to how the shadows are placed. So I have done so.

A tricky start, since for now i DID start with a pre-fixed idea. And my experience till thus far is that starting with such an idea it usually ends up in a lot of frustration. But not this time.

The end-result is an interpretation of (again) the symbol of Transformation deep inside. I see the circle, and main triangle as the outer layers of myself, as a human being. They protect me, and this layer is what you see in daily life.

But deep inside,

there is the Source visible and noticable. Any transformation is started from there. Protected by the outer shields,  therefor a bit harder to see at first glance.

I realised this sketch was done, when suddenly the organic roots started to appear, really out of nowhere. Funny to realise this during sketching it self.

I see them as Nature always finds its way to your inside Source and back again.

Just Trust the Process.

Some Details
Sacred Triangle II
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